Send a gentle Kiss or Hello through paper.
Communicate your color with a card or handmade delicate collage.
My screenprints and paper makings are made gently one by one in small collections and editions.


Chicago, USA


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Organic farmers, sustainability, found color and female architects, designers, and makers.

Inspiration & Style

Graphite, paper, straight edge, and the „him“ in my life being the speedball squeegee of love. Why should people buy handmade? The same reason you don’t buy a plastic baby or a borrowed boyfriend or girlfriend. It is a true, not plastic nor borrowed or mass-produced. You know where and who it comes from. You know the maker. What features/services would you most like to see on Etsy? Where every seller could have their own treasury folder, next to the favorite sellers and items. Also, a calendar that advertises what is going on in the crafting communities of neighborhoods around the world, where people can see the events happening in their areas so you could attend, volunteer, contribute, and encourage others. Apart from creating things, what do you do? In the daytime I freelance in residential and commercial interior design. My ideal love would involve Visual Merchandising and designing windows for retail stores. In the evenings I drink lots of light green things and love to walk my sassy 7 yr old canine, Lily. When I’m not screen printing or making play with paper pieces, I’m researching and preparing for Grad School in Industrial and Visual Design.

Leben & Tierschutz

I remember making a little clay oven in Mexico at age 8 and feeling what it is to be impatient and excited while waiting for my clay to dry, and my oven to bake and burn my finger while it was cooling. My grandmother made clay hand painted pots and floor mats with patterns. She always had pounds of supplies in her studio. My sisters and I would collect the scraps and mimic our grandmother.